The Short Stories

The Lighthouse Mystery

The Consultations of Sherlock Holmes - Cover

At high tide, the lighthouse at La Corbière on the Channel Island of Jersey is completely cut off from the rest of the island. So how did one of the keepers disappear while the causeway was covered, and can Sherlock Holmes solve the case without even seeing the scene of the crime?

The Loyal Retainer

The Detective and The Clergyman - Cover

Inspector Hopkins doesn’t need any help solving his latest case. However, he would be happy to share his brilliant deductions with Sherlock Holmes, if only he didn’t keep getting interrupted by a visiting priest!

The Missing Detective

Sherlock Holmes A Year of Mystery 1883 - Cover

After a couple of years living together, Dr. Watson’s life in Baker Street with Sherlock Holmes has settled into a comfortable routine. However, when Holmes goes missing, Watson’s investigative skills are put to the test, and he is forced to question just how much he knows about the great detective.

Body and Soul

Faction Paradox: The Boulevard (Volume 1) - Cover

A jazz trumpeter acquires a new instrument, and a new lease of life, after a midnight encounter with a mysterious masked man. However, nothing in life is free, and some offers are too good to be true – especially when you make a deal with Faction Paradox.