The Missing Detective

First Published:

13 November 2022

After a couple of years living together, Dr. Watson’s life in Baker Street with Sherlock Holmes has settled into a comfortable routine. However, when Holmes goes missing, Watson’s investigative skills are put to the test, and he is forced to question just how much he knows about the great detective.

A traditional Sherlock Holmes story in the style of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

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Published in:

Sherlock Holmes: A Year of Mystery 1883

Sherlock Holmes A Year of Mystery 1883 - Cover

The ongoing saga of a beautiful friendship!

For all we know, or think we know, about Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, what we don’t know is far, far greater. In one of the duo’s most exciting cases, The Adventure of the Speckled Band, we know when Helen Stoner arrives “in a considerable state of excitement” at the door of 221B Baker Street, seeking the assistance of Holmes and Watson: “It was early in April in the year ‘83…” But what happened during the rest of 1883? Or all of 1884?

To help fill the void, we have asked today’s top Sherlockian writers to rummage through their Watsonian correspondence and uncover the many mysteries left untold until now. There’s a new story for every month of the year, forewords from noted Holmesians, and gorgeous covers from Jeffrey McKeever, whose work continues to grace the pages of The Strand Magazine!

Publication Formats:

  • Paperback
  • Hardback
  • Ebook

Publication Date:

13 November 2022


Belanger Books


Richard T. Ryan

Cover Artist:

Jeffrey McKeever