Spinning Out

First Published:

21 March 2023

In 1963, the Dalek Civil War came to Coal Hill School in Shoreditch. But whatever happened to the girl who became the Renegade Dalek Battle Computer, once the fighting was over?

This short scene is a sequel to the 1988 Doctor Who story Remembrance of the Daleks. It is part of a charity collection raising money to support Shelter.

Published in:

Shadow of the Gallifreyan: Book One

Shadow of the Gallifreyan: Book One - Cover

‘The Doctor can make heroes of us all’.

In the far distant future a team of post-human researchers are looking for evidence of the Doctor’s existence. These are their findings, a collection of documents and stories relating to the Time Lord’s many adventures across time and space. They provide a record of what happened next to those who encountered them, the lasting impressions the Doctor made on their lives whether good, bad or indifferent. Often the Doctor is gone without a trace, but their shadow looms large over those who are left behind to pick up the pieces and move on.

This is an unofficial anthology from Altrix Books, written in aid of Shelter and edited by Paul Driscoll and Kara Dennison. 

Publication Formats:

  • Paperback
  • Ebook

Publication Date:

21 March 2023


Altrix Books


Paul Driscoll and Kara Dennison

Cover Artist:

Simon A. Brett