The Loyal Retainer

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31 October 2023

Inspector Hopkins doesn’t need any help solving his latest case. However, he would be happy to share his brilliant deductions with Sherlock Holmes, if only he didn’t keep getting interrupted by a visiting priest!

A traditional Sherlock Holmes pastiche, featuring G.K. Chesterton’s sleuthing priest, Father Brown. 

The collection including this story is being funded through a Kickstarter Campaign.

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The Detective and The Clergyman: The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Father Brown

The Detective and The Clergyman - Cover

Sherlock Holmes: A man who needs no introduction. The Greatest Detective of them all. The Master of observation and deduction.

Father Brown: Roman Catholic Priest and Great Detective … Sometimes called the counter to Sherlock Holmes due to his use of intuition when solving cases.

Holmes’s career overlapped that of Father Brown, and they would have certainly known and worked with one another. Now, for the first time, Belanger Books presents a new collection in their Great Detective series, solely dedicated to the shared adventures of The Detective and The Clergyman.

Seventeen new stories, ranging from one of Father Brown’s earliest investigations, in the 1880’s during the heights of Holmes’s career, to tales set in the years during and after World War I. Join us as we journey from the gaslit alleys of London to obscure and dangerous spots on the Continent – along with Dr. John Watson and Hercule Flambeau as well!

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  • Paperback
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Publication Date:

31 October 2023


Belanger Books


David Marcum

Cover Artist:

Brian Belanger