The Omnibus Murder

First Published:

16 March 2022

The police surgeon, Dr. Watson, is called to the scene of an omnibus crash on the Strand. There he faces three mysteries: was the crash really an accident, how did a man who was already dead end up among the victims, and who is the mysterious consulting detective who claims to have all the answers?

An alternative universe adventure for Holmes and Watson, set in a world where Watson never moved into Baker Street.

The collection including this story was funded through a Kickstarter Campaign.

Published in:

Sherlock Holmes: Adventures through the Multiverse: Volume 2

Sherlock Holmes: Adventures Through the Multiverse: Volume 2 - Cover

Many Earths! Many Versions of Sherlock Holmes!

Imagine Sherlock Holmes, sitting in his chair at 221B Baker Street, his pipe in hand, pontificating to Watson about the facts of a case. Now imagine that same Holmes but different. That traditional Sherlock Holmes is now spread across the multiverse and while he is still the same brilliant man, he is:

  • in the American Wild West,
  • a Native American in prehistoric Earth
  • a masked vigilante fighting crime at night in the streets of London
  • an ingenious villain fighting against Moriarty, the hero
  • a woman
  • a robot
  • in a version of the Twilight Zone

All of these Sherlock Holmes and more are featured in a two volume set: Sherlock Holmes: Adventures through The Multiverse! The authors have done a phenomenal job creating an alternative version of Sherlock Holmes but keeping the spirit of Holmes alive.

Publication Formats:

  • Paperback
  • Ebook
  • Hardback

Publication Date:

16 March 2022


Belanger Books


Thaddeus Tuffentsamer

Cover Artist:

Brian Belanger