The Witchfinder

First Published:

2 May 2013
When a witchfinder begins to have doubts about his vocation he questions whether a young woman really used magic to commit murder. However, with an angry village baying for blood, can he find out what really happened in time to stop her execution?

This was my first published work of fiction and is a fairly traditional historical detective story. It is set during the witch hunts in seventeenth century East Anglia.

Published in:

The Obverse Book of Detectives

The Obverse Book of Detectives - Cover

From M Dupin to Mr Sherlock Holmes, Sexton Blake to Lord Peter Wimsey, Miss Marple to Agatha Raisin, literature is full of genius detectives, solving impossible crimes.

And now, for the first time, the Obverse detectives join the throng; in POW camps, gentlemen’s clubs and settings even more vile than that, as intriguing a collection of sleuths and P.I.s as can be imagined ply their trade…

Publication Formats:

  • Paperback

Publication Date:

2 May 2013


Obverse Books


Stuart Douglas

Cover Artist:

Julia Andersson