Detection at a Distance

The Consultations of Sherlock Holmes - Cover

Alongside the many clients who sought help from Sherlock Holmes with their problems, over the years 221b Baker Street was also visited by many of Holmes’s fellow investigators. The Consultations of Sherlock Holmes, the latest collection of stories from Belanger Books, focuses on some of these cases where other detectives sought advice from the world’s only consulting detective.

In my new story, The Lighthouse Mystery, Holmes is visited by a police officer from the Channel Island of Jersey. The officer wants help with his investigation into the disappearance of a lighthouse keeper from his post at La Corbière at high tide. 

Jersey is a place that I always enjoy visiting. However, at least in this case, Holmes and Watson do not get to see the island for themselves. Instead, as with all the stories in this collection, Holmes solves the mystery without visiting the scene of the crime, or even leaving the comfort of his own home.

The Consultations of Sherlock Holmes, is available to pre-order on Kickstarter at until Friday 26 May 2023.


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