Medical Mysteries

Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson: Medical Mysteries: Volume 2 - Cover.

Sherlock Holmes finds himself in Dr. Watson’s world in the latest Sherlock Holmes anthology from Belanger Books as they investigate a variety of cases with medical connections in Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson: Medical Mysteries.

My story The Poison Register is set in the deadly environment of a pharmacy full of deadly medicines. In it, Holmes and Watson are asked to investigate when a pharmacist is accused of supplying poisons to a murderer.

This anthology is being produced in collaboration with Dr. Ed Chan, in order to raise awareness of lung disease caused by Non-tuberculous Mycobacteria. This is a very difficult-to-treat (often times incurable) and increasingly prevalent form of pneumonia (related to tuberculosis) caused by microorganisms that are acquired from our home and outdoor environments.

The Poison Register appears in volume 2 of this anthology, and both parts are available to pre-order now through Kickstarter. The campaign can be found at, and runs until 15 June 2022, with the books due to be published by September 2022.


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