Punk'd Talk

On Saturday 16 July 2022, I will be joining some of my fellow Fairy Tales Punk’d authors for an online panel about Steampunk and the Other “Punk” Subgenres. The event is part of the Authortube Writing Conference 2022, which brings people together from all aspects of the writing and the book-making process.

Our panel, which is part of the Writers’ Track, is on the nature of the “punk” genres. We will be discussing the difference between steampunk, clockpunk, dieselpunk, cyberpunk, and other genres, and sharing our tips and tricks for writing them.

You can join the discussion live on Youtube at 10pm BST (5pm EDT), and if you are interested in the punk’d genres you might like to check out my punk’d fairy tales Wound, and The Tower and the Inferno, and my steampunk Sherlock Holmes stories, The Deductive Man and The Aeronaut’s Last Flight.

Edit (17 July 2022): If you missed the panel live, it is still available to watch on Youtube.


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