The Art of Detection

The world is big enough for us. No ghost need apply.

Sherlock Holmes in The Adventure of the Sussex Vampire by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Sherlock Holmes and the Occult Detectives: Volume 3 - Cover

For Sherlock Holmes there was a rational solution to every mystery. However, the stories in the latest collection from Belanger Books challenge his beliefs as he teams up with a variety of occult detectives to investigate strange and paranormal cases.

In my new story, The Painted Ghost, Holmes is approached by a spiritualist who wants his help to prove the truth behind a message she has received. However, this is no ordinary medium, but the spirit painter Georgiana Houghton, who received her visions in the form of groundbreaking pieces of abstract art.

My story will appear in Volume III of Sherlock Holmes & the Occult Detectives. It can be pre-ordered now on Kickstarter, together with Volume IV, and a collection of new stories about the William Hope Hodgson’s occult investigator Carnacki the Ghost Finder, in paperback, hardback, and electronic formats. The campaign can be found at, and runs until 23 March 2022, with the books due to be published by May 2022.


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