The Stories

The Painted Ghost
Short Story

Sherlock Holmes and the Occult Detectives: Volume 3 - Cover

When the spirits guide Georgiana Houghton to paint a dark and foreboding portrait of a young lady, she worries that her client might be in danger. Can she persuade Sherlock Holmes to work with her, and prove the threat is real before it is too late?

The Omnibus Murder
Short Story

Sherlock Holmes: Adventures Through the Multiverse: Volume 2 - Cover

The police surgeon, Dr. Watson, is called to the scene of an omnibus crash on the Strand. There he faces three mysteries: was the crash really an accident, how did a man who was already dead end up among the victims, and who is the mysterious consulting detective who claims to have all the answers?

Short Story

Master Switches - Cover

The year is 2540, and two powers loom large in the galaxy - Earth and Draconia. After years of peace, their spaceships are now being mysteriously attacked. The Master and the Doctor confront each other across the negotiating table, but can either of them restore peace at the frontier in space?