Putting Pen to Paper

Writing is easy.
You only need to stare at a blank piece of paper until your forehead bleeds.

Douglas Adams

I rarely have trouble coming up with ideas. The problems start when I try to get them down on paper.

First there’s the small matter of finding time to write and a working environment that’s conducive to being productive. Next there’s the challenge of coming up with words that do justice to the ideas that seem so vibrant in your head.

Then once you actually have some words on the paper or screen the self-doubt sets in. Are they good enough? Are they original enough? Will anybody actually want to read this?

No two writers are the same. We all have our own ways of tackling these problems and will try all sorts of things to make the process of writing a story easier.

In this section of my website I will be posting about my writing practices. I’ll be discussing some of the obstacles I face when I try to write and explaining some of the techniques and practices that currently work for me. It will be a chance to find out a little more about how my stories come into existence. However, I hope that some of these posts might help other writers facing similar challenges, even if only to know that they are not alone.

May your adventures be full
of mystery and magic



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