221B Or Not 221B?

Sherlock Holmes: Adventures Through the Multiverse: Volume 2 - Cover

What if Dr. Watson had never moved into 221B Baker Street with Sherlock Holmes? That is the starting point for my next Sherlock Holmes story The Omnibus Murder

It is just one of the many alternatives to the traditional history of Sherlock Holmes which will be explored in the new collection from Belanger BooksSherlock Holmes: Adventures through the Multiverse. In some of the stories, like my own, the changes to the timeline are small, but significant. However, others feature radically different versions of Sherlock Holmes, and include universes where he is a woman, a robot, and even a villain.

The Omnibus Murder appears in the second of the two volumes, edited by Thaddeus Tuffentsamer. Both are currently available to preorder on Kickstarter at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/belangerbooks/sherlock-holmes-adventures-through-the-multiverse-1-and-2, where they are available in paperback, hardback, and electronic formats. The campaign runs until 9 February 2022, with the books due to be published by May 2022.


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