Partners in Crime(solving)

The latest collection announced by Belanger Books features two of the greatest literary detectives. In The Detective and the Clergyman, Sherlock Holmes is joined by G.K. Chesterton’s clerical crimefighter, Father Brown, investigating cases that require Holmes’s skills of logical deduction and Father Brown’s intuitive insights.

Writing for Father Brown is a new challenge. I am very familiar with Sherlock Holmes’s methods as this is my twenty-third story to feature him, but it was interesting to contrast his search for empirical evidence with Father Brown’s reflections on people’s habits and human nature. In my story, The Loyal Retainer, the two detectives have to investigate a suspicious death and a baffling burglary, each approaching the case in his own distinctive way. However, it is possible that neither of them will be needed - not when Inspector Hopkins has already solved the crime!

The Detective and the Clergyman contains seventeen new mysteries, and has been edited by renowned Sherlock Holmes writer David Marcum. It is available for preorder through Kickstarter at until Friday 29 April 2023.


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